Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Peice Of Shit Has A Thousand Eyes

The iconic place of bad ass beer drinking. I stumble over towards her slowley processing what quick whitted phrase I will open up with. Before I get the chance, the young lady glares and shouts above the music "You know you look like an ass hole with your hair in your eyes like that".

Monday, July 5, 2010


Negative Creep and Im Stoned

Daddy's lil girl ain't a girl anymore.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Modern woman is considerably interested in herself. To be completely honest 'considerably interested' is not an accurate description of the self absorbed nature of the contemporary woman. In a world of web cams, compact mirrors, photoshop and social networking sites it's hard to refrain from the tornado of vanity that contaminates our entire existence. But who's complaining? Woman our age a mere 60 years ago were facing World Wars while we're facing the roller coaster ride of facebook friend counts and losing ebay bids.


She didn't come with the cliche designer punk or daily rate.

Somthing In the Way

living off of grass and the drippings from the ceiling. its ok 2 eat fish. cause they dont have any feelings.

Thank God for Mental Illness!!

An entourage of apes have dichotomized thee mind. The right contains shredded walls, garbage, burnt cotton and egocentric lazy feline. The left is filled with flower like melodies tied to fishing hooks, drain o, bleach and rat poison. Now Relish.

One is certain it all rolls back to wanting nothing but needing something.

Wanting: being a cardboard box with sack a guitar a rusted white van and pack of laughing hyenas. Fun Fun Fun.

Needing: being a varnished home (with varnished products and chemicals) a door to door sugar man and a platter of love. And a platter of love.